Five Minutes with NHRA Funny Car’s Alexis DeJoria


The Racing Times – With the Arizona Nationals by the wayside and Gainsville next on the schedule, we spent five minutes minutes with Funny Car driver Alexis Dejoria. Alexis is making her return to the full Mello Yellow Drag Racing schedule after a year off. Let’s see what Alexis has to say on her return…

How did it go about for you to return to racing and how did you go about getting back together with Del?

(Alexis) I always planned on coming back. Talked about it frequently with Del and Nicky. The timing was right for us all. 

After being away two years from the sport, how did it feel to get back into a Funny Car? And how did you feel after your first run during Spring training?

(Alexis) Lots of sleepless night getting excited to drive again. There really wasn’t much to get used to again but the speeds. Other than that my first runs went very well and I felt right at home like I never left. 

Has anything changed in the last two years from a driver perspective?

 The NHRA has tried to slow the Nitro cars down. Slight changes that keep the cars from going 340mph which they don’t want us doing. 

Beinga driver, reaction time is key, how are you feeling about where you’re at right now?

(Alexis) Surprisingly enough my RT’s have been good for not driving for 2 years. I can always improve.

Can you tell us more about your new sponsors ABK Beer and ROKiT Phones? Anything special we can expect from them this season?

(Alexis) Yes our new sponsors are getting involved with fan interactions at the track. You will be able to sample

Any track you’re looking forward to returning to?

 All of them really but my favorites are Vegas, Bristol, and new on the list Virginia.

How has the fan base responded to you coming back?

(Alexis) The fans and teams have been very supportive and excited to have me back out there. Mixing it up in the FC class and adding some color to the tv coverage lol!